Sarong Series: Waist Tied Shawl

20130905-145723.jpgHello! Welcome to My Simplicity Quest and another mini tutorial on my Sarong Series! I love experimenting with ways to improve my minimalist style closet with versatile items. After posting pictures of my daily outfits in The Closet Countdown I received a few requests to share how I wear my sarong. The pictures and step by step instructions are my response.

I’m so glad you are here! I hope you learn something new and walk away with sunshine in your heart and a strange desire to go play with a super versatile, functional, and fun sarong! (you know you have one buried in your closet somewhere!)

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find links to other mini-tutorials in the Sarong Series. 🙂

Let’s go ahead and get into Sarong Series: Waist Tied Shawl*. I wore leggings and a plain black t shirt to show off the sarong. However, when I’m out in the real world (and not my back porch) I think this style goes over flowy black pants nicely. I love how it can go from a skirt to a shawl in a matter of seconds.


Step One:
Begin with the Tied Long Skirt. (My example uses a side tie but you may also use a front tie for the Waist Tied Shawl.)

20130905-144935.jpgStep Two:
Pick up lower corners of the sarong in each hand.

20130905-145233.jpgStep Three:
Holding onto the bottom corners (and leaving knot at waist in place), pull bottom hem up and over your back…

20130905-145257.jpgStep Four:
…Until it rests on your shoulders.

20130905-145328.jpgStep Five:
Fold arms and feel the snugly softness of your awesome waist tied sarong! I love the way it drapes and the look of the tie at the waist. So feminine!

If you’d like to see some other examples of how I wear my sarong, don’t forget that there are more pictures on The Closet Countdown Page.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found the Sarong Series: Waist Tied Shawl easy to follow. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I’m super happy to help!



*Most of the ways to wear a sarong in my Sarong Series are creative but also quite easy. Some of them require a foundation method first. For the Waist Tied Shawl (and the Tied Short Skirt), you need to start with a Long Tied Skirt. If you would like to see how I do it, please go to Sarong Series: Tied Long Skirt.

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