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Confessions of a People Pleaser


‘You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back.’
– Vincent (Ethan Hawke’s Character) from Gattaca

Writing about minimalism has been quite an experience for me. It’s like my soul needed to get rid of all the physical crap covering my dreams. There were reasons I buried them. Deep, personal reasons. I didn’t know it until I started digging and purging and writing. The more I pull away the clutter of my life, the more I must deal with those reasons.

In keeping with my commitment to remain transparent in my writing, I have a confession: I have this constant, inner-nagging to start a money-making blog. “Do what you love” they scream from flashing banners and obtrusive adverts, “and you can be rich.” I constantly go back to my own post about Making Money Online to remind myself that it takes time…and money does not pour in from the sky as I write about my personal struggle with releasing boxes of junk from my attic.

Still my little brain continues to buzz with ideas and strategies.

Which brings me to my second confession: I’ve been holding back. I have ideas and topics I want to write about and decide to “save them for my someday blog.” (You know, the one I’ll create and from which I will instantly get millions of viewers and huge commission checks?) And here is where I argue with my teenage self (my self-righteous, know-it-all teenage self who thought I should always have a very “noble” job) and tell her that I want to write about clothes.

Yes, clothes.

Not saving children in third world countries or how to live without plastic. But clothes. And not just any clothes. Adventure clothes. Clothes that can go from home to work to play. Clothes that travel the world or to the grocery store and still look great. I believe that all of life is an adventure.

It’s one of those dreams I found while digging. Letting it lie dormant was an early lesson in impressing people. When I said I wanted a career in fashion, people often nodded and smiled. When I changed my answer to “lawyer” I got a lot more interest and encouragement. So from then on, I dedicated my little soul to making sure my answer impressed people. Even if my heart wasn’t in it…and I intentionally hid my desire to do anything with clothing as a way to make a living.

But here I am, surrounded by people who choose to read what I write. Encouraging, wonderful, beautiful people. People like you who love to write and explore and discover the dreams we left behind. You don’t seem to mind my strange hue of sunshine. It’s a new, beautiful place. I love it. I don’t have to impress you with my words. I just have to be sincere.

Clothes sincerely fascinate me. I love how lines, and fit, and color, and fabric can highlight our best (or worst) features. I love discovering new ways to wear a sarong. I love figuring out how to coordinate five items into twenty different outfits. Versatility. Quality. Comfort. Function. Style. I love all of this about clothes.

I’m tired of letting my old need to impress people keep it buried.

So from here on out, I’m not going to hold back. Clothes are a big part of my simplicity quest and I have much to share on the subject. I read other blogs (about clothes) that I want to share with you. I want to learn more about the science of style and the beautiful differences in our body shapes and tell you what I find. I will continue to praise the Lily Dress but I want to explore other items I might consider essential. I’m so excited. I’m smiling as I type.

I come full circle with another confession (and a bit of surprise to myself): I don’t care if I make a dime writing about it.

It feels so much better when I don’t hold back. And when I don’t apologize for who I am, what I love, and what I want to write about.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. It is my heart and soul poured out into words…


Minimalism + Cleaning = Awesome

In my teenage years, I was a clutter junkie. My poor carpet suffocated beneath a thick layer of random clutter and dirt. I hated cleaning and I certainly hated putting away all my stuff. Oh how adulthood changes us. The kids in my life don’t believe me when I say I am a recovering slob.

I found a surprise treasure along my path to simplicity. Minimalism makes it easier to to clean. I read about how nice it is to be able to take better care of things because you have less of them. I missed the part where that had to do with the floor.

Now I’m addicted to vacuuming. In the one room where I have focused my simplifying efforts, the carpet almost sparkles. It helps that I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner but I just can’t get over how much floor space I easily clean. Joy. Pure joy.

The less stuff I have, the less furniture I need to store the stuff. The less furniture I have, the less time it takes to clean it. Dusting is so much easier on the surfaces I have completely decluttered. I’ve simplified my cleaning products so it’s usually just a quick grab and go and I can make one room gleam with beauty in a matter of minutes. This is not true for all the rooms in my home but I’m getting there.

The road I chose to get this far was pretty long and winding. But it was worth it. Having one room that is easy to clean encourages and inspires me to finish the job and expand my hard-earned skills into other areas.

I say it all the time but it really is the little things that make a big difference.

If you are on your own simplicity quest, don’t give up. Do what works for you to stay on the road. If you do, you might find unintended treasures along the way. Like the joy of vacuuming. 🙂