Hiking to Healthy

Blog Shine Sunday {Sept 1}


I’m very much about letting other people shine, because it makes us all shine brighter.
Chelsea Handler

Everyday Spiritual Wisdom (http://everydayspiritualwisdom.com/)
Spiritual Wisdom. Spiritual Growth.
From this Blog: “Everyday Spiritual Wisdom’ is about the wisdom we find in our everyday life.There is wisdom all around us, just waiting in our day to day experiences ready to inspire and encourage us. Be sure to share your thoughts by commenting at the end of each post, it’s lovely to hear from you. Fiona,x
Fiona Lundy is a professional healer and intuitive. Living in Berkshire, UK.”

This Felicitous Life (http://thisfelicitouslife.wordpress.com/)
From this Blog: “Hi! I’m Laura. I am a Catholic Christian, a mother, a part-time lawyer, and a recovering overthinker. On this blog you’ll find mainly light and fluffy thoughts on food, books, clothes, parenting, and assorted other topics. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to read your comments.”

Living Minimalist (http://living-minimalist.com/)
From this Blog: “Welcome to Living Minimalist, I started this blog in April 2013 as a way to discover what was really important life and perhaps even redefine happiness along the way.”

Free But Fun (http://freebutfun.wordpress.com/)
From this Blog: “Ideas for how to have a full and fun life without spending too much. Activities, events, crafts and travel.”

Hiking to Healthy (http://hikingtohealthy.com/)
From this Blog: My hiking adventures in Colorado and how my love of hiking is helping me get healthy again.”

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  • My original inspiration for this is from Lois at Living Simply Free. Because of this, I’m going to include a link to her site with every Blog Shine Sunday.