Sarong Series: Tied Long Skirt

20130905-054258.jpgIn my quest for simplicity, I have yet to find anything as versatile or vital to my minimalist style than a sarong. With a few simple changes, the sarong (also known as a pareo) adds color, personality, and perfect functionality to any woman’s wardrobe. Rarely do I ever leave the house without at least one tucked in my bag or draped as a scarf.

In the Sarong Series, we will explore some creative ways to wear what is essentially a large, lightweight, fringed piece of fabric.

Let’s begin with an easy and fun way to wear a sarong: The Tied Long Skirt. It looks great tied in the front and to the side. Personally, I prefer the side tie. It tends to stay “out of the way” while I go about my daily activities a little better than a knot tied in front. Though either way looks flattering on a female figure. 🙂 You will find instructions for both styles below.


Average Sarong Size Measurements:
Width: Approx 46 inches (117 cm)
Length (including fringe): Approx 66 inches (168 cm)


Step One:
Place sarong behind you while holding opposite corners on the longest side.


Step Two:
Fold over body and connect to the side or the front.


Step Three:
Tie the two ends together until sarong is secure against the body (waist or lower hip is fine).*


*At this point, you may want to leave it with the ends hanging in a nice drape. Though it will be more secure if you continue on…


Step Four:
Take the two ends and tie them again in the same place to secure position. Let ends fall in a nice drape at the newly formed knot.


Step Five:
Saunter through your day in the cool comfort of a light but long skirt!

If you’d like to see some other examples of how I wear my sarong, please check out The Closet Countdown Page.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found the Sarong Series: Tied Long Skirt easy to follow. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I’m super happy to help!



Style Spotlight: Gudrun Sjödén

20130902-060921.jpgWhile wandering around the web, I came across this gem of a blog/website: The Succulent Wife. SUPER cute graphics.

20130902-060948.jpgAnyway… I found this post about designer Gudrun Sjödén. I was enthralled with what I read and after I watched the attached video, I immediately went to Gudrun Sjödén’s website. Wow.

As you can tell from most of my wardrobe-related pictures, I’m a simple gal. Black mostly. Standard, flattering lines, stretchy, quick-dry fabrics. Not many frills. I have a set of “internal rules” I’ve created around my wardrobe that makes it very easy for me to coordinate, care for, and buy. Gudrun’s clothing breaks my “rules” and I still love it. All of it. Her designs are simple but beautifully complex. Some of the dresses just hang there. (No defined waist!) and yet, they are flattering for all shapes.

20130818-102447.jpg  20130902-060957.jpg

I’m sure Stacy and Clinton would not approve.

For me, Gudren’s designs are like visual poetry. It snags my heart in a big way. It is her art and her love for all women who wish to express themselves with their clothing. After all, don’t we do that anyway?

All along my life’s beautiful (and sometimes very difficult) path, I’ve been communicating to the world around me with my wardrobe. My lifestyle choices. How I feel about myself. How I’d like others to perceive me. And because I’m beginning to emerge from a self-focused life, I’m learning to listen to what others are saying with their wardrobe as well – intentionally or unintentionally.

20130902-060941.jpgGudrun Sjödén reminds me that it’s okay to keep exploring and growing – as an aspiring travel style blogger, as a woman, as an artist. She is such a beautiful woman.

Perhaps well-made, fun pieces that make one feel special and unique are just as important in a minimalist closet as a scarf that goes with everything. Now, if you can have both in one item… Well then, I’d call that a winner!

I’m off to add the Cotton/Rayon Blouse featured on this page to my wish list. 🙂

Do you have any clothing from Gudrun Sjödén? If yes, please tell me about it! I do so love personal clothing testimonies…

As always, I thank you for your time. It is my sincerest hope that my work brightens your day somehow and adds beauty to your life.