The Closet Countdown: Day 4

TCC Day 4This is the last of my daily updates for The Closet Countdown. Weekly will be better. Reading about my drinking habits and my clothing choices will get boring. I know because I think writing about them will be boring.

Here’s what you may assume about my daily clothing choices for the remainder of The Closet Countdown:

  • Morning run: Tank top and a sport skort or leggings.
  • Daily life: Different top with my skort or a different skirt with my top. Or a dress. Whatever.
  • Evening drink: Tequila. Life is good. I’m learning a lot about simplifying my life, living with less, and minimalism and truth and justice for all.

See? That might get boring. So I’ll switch to weekly updates with pictures after this post.

So…today I wore a black tank top and black leggings for the morning run. Switched to the ever-reliable Merrell Lily Dress for Independence Day activities (eating grilled food, playing a crazy-fun card game appropriately titled “Oh Hell”, drinking, and lighting things on fire). It was a fabulous day with dear friends and family. And yes, I drank tequila. Because it’s so American to celebrate our independence by consuming imported alcohol (I have a sarcasm streak that runs a mile wide).

As always, I extend a cheerful heart of gratitude to you dear reader. Thank you for your time and attention. Cheers!

Hope everyone who celebrated had a happy fourth! Here is a collage of some random pictures from our festivities. Recipe for my friend Ann’s fabulous (super easy) salsa recipe soon to come…