The Closet Countdown: Day 99 of 100

One. More. Day. Then it’s over. Tomorrow is my last full day of wearing items from my chosen 55 articles of clothing in The Closet Countdown. I’m excited. I cannot wait to open my two small bins of “unchosen” clothing that I stashed up on a shelf in my closet.

The Closet Countdown (should have called it The Closet Countdown Challenge) has been a beautiful part of my quest for simplicity. A one hundred day reminder that I must wade through some complicated issues to get to the “simple life”. I have no regrets.

Monday’s activity for my half marathon training is “Stretch and Strengthen”. So I chose an outfit that included leggings so I could catch a session of yoga later today without a full-on change up. That is one of the things I had hoped to accomplish with this fun experiment in the first place. If you missed yesterday’s outfit, please go here.

Day 99 Monday, October 7

  • White Cotton Tunic
  • Black Leggings
  • Merrell Black Barefoot Mary Jane Shoes
  • Multi-Colored Scarf


If you are reading this, I am grateful for you and your time and your willingness to read my words and see my attempts to find my simple style. I wish you great things for your small act of kindness. 🙂



  1. You look fabulous. All that running shows. (Have you compared pics from early on in the 100 days to now? Maybe I’m seeing things, but you look way lankier now.)

    I am so excited for you (for tomorrow). Or maybe I’m more excited for Wednesday, when you can go crazy with all the stored goodies. 🙂

    1. Aww. Fabulous? You rock. Thank you. The scale certainly does not indicate any body changes 😉 but I’d love it if I were losing some fat and gaining some muscle so it all balances out. Maybe I’ve just learned to take better pictures. 😛

      Thank you for your excitement. You have been such a great cheerleader along the way.

      Just know that as I gleefully play with my old/new clothes, I carry you (with tiara and bubbly of course) in my heart…


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