The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update #11


Greetings! This is my (oh my goodness!) eleventh weekly update on The Closet Countdown. I’m fully recovered from last week’s downer attitude toward this experiment. The end is near and as Autumn slowly approaches, I’m ready to open my boxes full of dark-colored clothes and put away my summery items (like my bright coral shorts and – sadly – my hot pink Lily dress). In twenty-three days, I will put on my brown leather boots (Merrell of course) just because I can. 🙂

Since I quit my corporate job in January, I’ve been lacking in motivation to “do my hair” or look presentable around the house (or even out and about…it happens). This silly/wonderful experiment has given me a reason to dress up a little. I dab on a little make up before I take the pics and I go throughout my day feeling like I care about what I look like. Changes my attitude. I’m diggin’ it.

20130916-070249.jpgThis was an intentional Merrell dress week featuring the Lily (of course!) and the Emery. I slack off on pictures on weekends so the ones featured in the collage are from Monday to Friday starting at the top left.

Here is the daily breakdown:

BCG black tank, BCG black leggings, Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Arc Running Shoes
Merrell black Lily dress, Merrell brown San Remo sandals
Merrell mulberry Lily dress, Merrell Luxe Strap Sandals  – experiment in shoe comfort
Shoe not comfy for working/running around the house. Changed to Merrell Black Barefoot Wonderglove (mary jane style) Shoes
Merrell black Lily dress, Merrell Black Barefoot Wonderglove (mary jane style) Shoes, flower accent.
Flower didn’t last long… gets in my way.
Merrell black Emery dress, Merrell brown San Remo sandals
Merrell black Emery dress, BCG black leggings, Merrell brown San Remo sandals
BCG black camisole tank top, BCG black leggings, sarong, Merrell brown San Remo sandals

Thank you, Sweet Reader for taking the time to read this. It warms my heart and makes me happy that you are here. I’m deeply grateful. May your week ahead be full of new and interesting lessons in your closet and in your life!



To see pictures from previous weeks, please got to The Closet Countdown Page.


  1. I’m definitely an emery girl. I know it’s only your second-favourite, but I guess I’m into sleeves, for some reason. In any case, they both look good – and you’ve definitely had a girly week with all those frocks!

    Can’t wait for the boots. I’m a big fan of boots but it’s too hot for them here.

    1. I think the Lily and the Emery will hold equal standing as the cooler months roll in. I like it that I can add sleeves to the Lily and no one can tell it has that “Summery” criss cross in the back. The Emery only came out this past Spring so I will get a chance to “play” with it in the Autumn and Winter months. I like sleeves too. No shaving needed :). Plus, I like it that the Emery looks good with leggings.

      Another reason I like the Lily just a tad more is because it has a built-in shelf bra. Our temperatures get well past 100 degrees in the Summer and one less layer of material is very appealing to me. 🙂

      The boots are awesome. I love them as much as I love my sandals (and you know how much I love my sandals!). Our cooler weather usually means cold-ish rain. And my boots are cute and…waterproof. 🙂

      As always, thanks for stopping by. STILL loving that hat…Cheers!

  2. I just realized I missed this post. And…I would have missed today’s (Working hard at being a good person) super awesome post as well – because they didn’t appear in my WordPress Reader. WTF?? I’m so grateful I decided to just pull up your blog on my own, because there was no indication you had published a new post. Maybe it’s just a glitch with my Reader, but you may want to check it out, in case your other followers also missed these posts.

    p.s. I love the leggings + emery look.

  3. Oh, I’m gonna miss that hot pink Lily dress, too! But I’m sure autumn has some great things in store! I’m a lot like you. I struggle feeling motivated to put myself together, but this week I have tried to be intentional about wearing things I don’t normally wear, and trying to wear something new every day. Pretty soon, it becomes normal and you actually look forward to what you are gonna wear the next day (it requires, of course, your imagination and creativity!). Thanks so much for sharing YOUR creativity!

  4. I cannot stop reading your posts! This is a great feeling for me now!
    Would you like to join us on Saturdays for the weekly photo challenge since you are already taking pictures of yourself… Please let me know before Saturday if you wish to participate so I can make sure I mention you in my post… 🙂

    Nice to meet you by the way!

    xoxo, Eszter

    1. Oh thank you!!! I had the same feeling when I found your blog through Journeys of the Fabulist! I think you are so beautiful and I love what you write about. Just lovely – you, your blog, your family (your son is ADORABLE!). I’m a bit swamped these days. Haven’t been taking pictures 😦 Let me know what the photo challenge is for the next week and I’ll probably do it. LOVE it that you do that!

      VERY happy that we are “blog friends” 🙂

      Cheers to you Beautiful Lady,

      1. Wow Ginny! I am blushing here. Cheers!
        Saturday’s photo challenge has two themes but I welcome creativity so one may do both or you can put a twist on it…
        Originally the weekly photo challenge was to post a picture of your child. And looking at the list, this Saturday will be EATING.
        I added an outfit of the day topic for those who do not have children.
        Let me know around Friday please if you are in or not. I would like to add a link to everyone’s blog who is participating in my own post. The number of participants is growing and growing so I am pretty excited about it… Fun, fun, fun!


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