Keep Writing


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
― Confucius

I got another one of those “nudges” again. Like that night at the bar when I felt like I needed to tell that woman she was beautiful… This time it hit me while running. While letting my mind wander in the beauty of the hard work of a good run, it filled my mind and heart. When this happens, I know I have to do it. Whatever it is. Even if I don’t feel qualified or “good enough”. Just gotta shine or I will shrivel up.

Life is too short. So, I here I go…

If you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you are a writer. Almost certainly you are a blogger. For whatever reason, you chose to put your thoughts out there in the wide, wide world. Kudos to you. I’ve only been blogging for a short time. I’m no expert but I know my heart and I’m learning how to be transparent and honest with my work. Sometimes, my honesty is all I have to offer in a post. It’s working so far.

So in all honesty, I encourage you to write. Keep writing. Until your soul feels empty. Until you can’t think another thought. Just don’t fucking give up. Not on writing. If you let it, it can be a constant in your life that helps you find balance. It can help you find a bit of peace in this world of chaos.

In my short existence as a blogger, I’ve already seen others flame out. Don’t let that be you. Write when you don’t feel like it. Write when your heart is breaking. Write when the sun is shining. Just write, dammit. Don’t. Give. Up.

You don’t have to publish all of it. And you don’t have to look up “rules for a successful blog.” Fuck the rules. This is about you and your writing. Your blog. Forget about making money or being famous. Just reach into your life, find that light that burns to put your thoughts into words, and shine. That’s all. It’s that simple.

You might doubt yourself. You might be a little frightened to put yourself out there. Keep writing anyway. Find your courage in the beautiful process of creating and polishing your paragraphs.

If you need someone to tell you to hang in there. I’m right here. Leave me a note here in the comments. I might not respond right away but I will respond.

So dear reader, my fellow traveler along my simplicity quest, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading my words and listening to my heart. You are a beautiful part of my life. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Shine on and KEEP WRITING!



  1. “Find your courage in the beautiful process of creating and polishing your paragraphs.” Chills. I got chills reading this. You’re so right, G, it takes a whole whack of courage to put yourself out there, to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be read by others. To be judged by others.

    When I first started my blog, I only considered sharing it with a few, close and trusted friends. I never dreamed I would tell ‘my world’ of its existence. One of the bravest things I’ve done was sharing it on Facebook, thus announcing to my circle (family, friends, colleagues, the former ‘mean girls’ of high school, etc.) that I need to lose weight, get healthy, and I have a shit-ton of emotional issues and mental blockers to deal with in the process.

    As Brene Brown shared in her TED talk about the power of vulnerability, it takes a very courageous person to allow themselves to be exposed…vulnerable. It’s a process, but I am trying to take baby steps every day.

    You, my friend, are a cheerleader extraordinaire, a motivator, and a ray of sunshine in a sometimes grey world. Thank you for sharing your words and your sunshine with all of us.

    1. Thank you. Thank you so much for this. To put posts like this out there pushes me right out of my comfort zone. I mean, what the hell do I know? But if it reached out and warmed your heart, then it doesn’t matter what I know.

      You make me smile. YOU are the motivator. 🙂 Thank you again…

    1. I don’t know how to respond to this. Honesty compels me to tell you that I don’t see it. There are some days when I flat out refuse to even consider this to be true. But that is the old version of myself trying to resurface. I’m growing and instead of feebly balking or telling you all the reasons I don’t agree with you I’ll just say that I don’t think it’s the smile. It’s not even me. It’s this crazy light inside my little heart. And you have the light too. You have this great way of seeing the world. Your words are truthful, honest, and motivating. I guess what I’m taking a paragraph to say is that I don’t think it’s my smile as much as how you choose to see it.

      Cheers, Amazing Sultana of Sweat! (“Sultana” is a pretty good one, huh? 😉 )

  2. I love your sweet face and you holding that sign to keep writing. What a grand encouragement (!) to those of us who: can’t find the time. worry what others will think. think that to say that is TMI. think that we will be judged. think that it’s not important. think that it’s not THAT important. think we’ll do it later. think others are better bloggers. think we’ll never get ‘freshly pressed’. think that getting ‘freshly pressed’ really matters.

    There will always be a million excuses but thanks for a timely reminder that writing is ALWAYS in season.

    1. I know all of those feelings as a writer. I know all of those feelings when walking out the door to face the world sometimes(!). Thank YOU for your sweet words. Always so full of light and love.

      “…writing is ALWAYS in season.” Love this! So true. SO true…

  3. I think I am gonna print that picture out and stick it on my computer.
    Seriously. I needed to read this today as I am floundering. Floundering I tell you! Amid the chaos of normal daily life I MUST NOT forget what gives me happiness. Getting words down, whatever they are about is something I have always done and must always do. And that goes for you too – I love reading your posts and if I was a man I’d be courting you online and planning a move across the pond, lol!
    Keep up the good work – I hope I’m still reading your posts when we’re both OAPs X.

  4. I’m so happy that my post encouraged you! If we all just keep writing, we can change the world. I mean it. We can push through our insecurities and doubts and fears. We can face them in our words. We can own them. And then…because of the magic of words, we can change them. What a beautiful process. I see it in your writing. You are always honest about where you are and what you are going through. I find that to be a very big deal.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, Rose Who Rocks. I always treasure your comments.


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