Sarong Series: Long Vest

20130910-061413.jpgGreetings fellow life traveler! Welcome to another post in my Sarong Series. In my quest for simplicity, nothing beats the practical beauty of my sarong. I hope that you can sense my enthusiasm for this lightweight, fringed piece of material. I believe it is an essential piece to a minimalist closet (or to any closet!). Versatility is the key to a fabulous wardrobe…

20130912-055513.jpgThe Long Vest is one of my favorites. I wear it over my Lily Dress as an easy, colorful accent. It also works well as a swimsuit coverup or a kind of a “robe” for those moments when you just need to step down the hall for something but don’t want to get out of your pajamas. It also works as an interesting layering piece under a sweater or jacket. Add a belt if you are feeling adventurous. This fun style lends itself to many, creative options!

Let’s get started with the Sarong Series: Long Vest tutorial! It stands out as one of those syles that seems complicated but as you will see, it’s quite simple and fun!


Average Sarong Size Measurements:
Width: Approx 46 inches (117 cm)
Length (including fringe): Approx 66 inches (168 cm)


Step One:
Place sarong behind you while holding opposite corners on the longest side.

20130910-050706.jpgStep Two:
Fold over body and hold by the top corners of the sarong, prepared to make your first tie.

20130910-050823.jpgStep Three:
Tie the two ends together in a very shallow first tie.

20130910-050928.jpg 20130910-051014.jpg

Step Four:
Take the two ends and tie them again in the same place to secure position.

20130910-051100.jpg 20130910-051139.jpg

Step Five:
Bring the knot up over your head toward your back…

20130910-051236.jpg 20130910-051330.jpg

Step Five (continued):
…until it rests on the back of your neck. Flip out your hair (if you need to) and you are good to go! Not pictured is the feminine drape it creates in the back, covering the bum and exposing the back. Such a lovely look. 🙂

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Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found the Sarong Series: Long Vest easy to follow. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I’m super happy to help!




  1. When you did that thing where you took the knot over your head then I just went, “Ooohhhh…” It seems so obvious in hindsight. Why don’t I think of these things? Anyway, it doesn’t matter because you do, and then you tell me, so maybe I’ll just concentrate on thinking of other things and read along. 🙂

  2. Seriously – how ridiculously easy is this — and yet, something I NEVER would have figured out on my own. Ginny, you are a Sarong-Whisperer. I cannot wait to go buy more so I can start using these new styles you’ve shared. Brilliant.

    1. Oooh. “Sarong-Whisperer” I love it! Please let me know when you’ve tried them. I’m thrilled that you want to try some of my styles. Love your comments. You rock my soul (and soles!).

  3. Sarong-guru!! I’d never have thought of doing that either – how do you think up these things? I can’t wait until next summer – I am going to put all these styles into practice. The only thing I’ve ever managed was a long skirt, a shorter skirt, and a cover over my arms when the sun was hot. There is so much more to a sarong than I thought!

  4. Thanks! I have no idea how I come up with this. It’s some strange knack that I have. I LOVE the idea of taking something simple (like a large piece of fringed fabric) and turning it into many different things. So I experiment (ahem…play) and I find new ways to do something new. It’s a bit of a dopamine rush, I guess. A little, mental pat on the back when I make a new “discovery”. Then that gets amplified when someone else actually likes my idea. Wow.

    If you come across a sarong that is not all bright, summery colors, buy it. Then you can wear it year round! I have a few suggestions coming up that work well for cooler weather. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

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