The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update #8

20130825-094429.jpgIt’s been 55 days since I started The Closet Countdown. That feels like a long time. It’s taught me more than I ever expected it would. Though I do “miss” a few items still, I don’t regret my decision to do this. What I learn about myself by reducing my options is a beautiful thing.

Each week, a little light of truth makes its way into my mind. And it’s through a wardrobe experiment. Wow. I’m surrounded by unexpected teachers…

The discipline of being committed to a weekly update post has been wonderful. Each week, I learn a little more about blogging, WordPress, and uploading media files. I’m also learning to relax a little behind the camera. I still notice things that make me cringe a little. And I still have a lot to learn about photography. But I’m having so much fun that I don’t mind as much as I did when I first started.

Plus, there are fabulous people out there who read last week’s update and took the time to leave a sweet comment. Encouraging words are like sunshine for my soul. Because of them, I give myself permission to grow and shine. If you left a comment last week, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my small but overflowing heart.

Now if you would please, dear reader, follow me through my weekly wardrobe recap…

We begin with random bits of weekly wardrobe trivia.

  • My Lily dress was the star. Again. I’ve heard that they can be a little difficult to find online. Next summer, they will be easier to purchase, I think/hope. Most of my Merrell links go to because that is my favorite place to shop. They do have the Lily there but are out of stock in some of their sizes.
  • My friend owns a music school in town and I spent a few days painting and cleaning the exterior in preparation for the upcoming school year. That is why you will see lots of pics of my beloved overalls and my over-sized plaid shirt. 🙂
  • My overalls are almost twenty years old. I somehow fancied myself as a budding gardener (sure wish I knew about my brown thumb at the time…) and decided that I needed some good work overalls. Even back then, I felt I had to dress the part. I had no idea they would last so long or be so useful in the years to come.
  • For fun, I added links to the items I could find online. Academy Sports is my favorite for inexpensive athletic clothing but it’s best to go to the store itself because I could not find my v neck sleeveless top or my leggings. (“BCG” is Academy’s in house brand. )
  • The link attached to my Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Arc Running shoes is for the newer version of this shoe. I have the original Arcs. When I bought mine a year ago, they did not have these fun colors.


Morning Run: BCG Black V Neck Sleeveless Top, BCG Black Leggings, Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Arc Running Shoes

Morning: BCG Black V Neck Sleeveless Top, A. Byer Black Handkerchief Style Skirt (thrift store find), Merrell Black Barefoot Wonderglove (mary jane style) Shoes.

Evening: Same as morning but added a scarf and changed shoes to my Merrell Luxe Strap Sandals (and I actually did something with my crazy hair).

Comments: I did housework and prepared for the week ahead and then we had a birthday to celebrate (not mine). I wanted to show how easy it is to dress up a simple ensemble. So I added the scarf and shoes and ba blam! Instant party attire. 🙂


Morning: Ann Taylor Grey Boat Neck Cotton Top, Danskin Black Basic Skort, Merrell Brown San Remo Sandals (discontinued style 😦 )

Evening: Neiman Marcus Plaid Big Shirt (thrift store find), BCG Black Leggings, Merrell Brown San Remo Sandals, (later, I put on my rubber boots)

Comments: I love my over-sized plaid top. Until this little experiment, I had no idea how much I liked it. Thrift store find. It’s a vintage Neiman Marcus men’s shirt. I’m pretty sure I bought for some arts and crafts project to do with kiddos.


Morning: Merrell Black Lily Sleeveless Dress, Sarong, Merrell Brown San Remo Sandals

Afternoon: Neiman Marcus Plaid Big Shirt (thrift store find), BCG Black Leggings, (Lily dress underneath)

Evening: Dickies Overalls, Mossimo Grey V Neck Short Sleeved Top (thrift store find), Brown Flip Flops

Comments: I had an appointment in Austin in the morning and went straight to the music school to help paint. It was certainly a lesson in being a better planner when it comes to work projects. I hated trying to be careful with white paint and black leggings. And I decided that my plaid shirt was cute. (Can’t get paint on a cute shirt.) So I went to my house, grabbed my overalls, and then I went to my stashed boxes of clothes and grabbed a work shirt. Work went much faster (and I was a happier worker) when I didn’t have to worry about my clothes.


Morning Run: BCG Black V Neck Sleeveless Top, BCG Black Leggings, Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Arc Running Shoes

Most of the day: Dickies Overalls, Mossimo Grey V Neck Short Sleeved Top (thrift store find), Brown Flip Flops

Evening: Merrell Black Lily Sleeveless Dress, Beaded Elastic Belt, Merrell Brown San Remo Sandals

Comments: After a long day of painting, we went out to celebrate our hard work with Mexican food and margaritas. I experimented by adding the belt to the Lily and while I like it as a possible option in a pinch, it’s not my favorite variation. I like the style. I just don’t consider it very flattering with the empire waistline in place.


Morning: BCG Black Tank Top, Danskin Black Basic Skort, Grey Hoodie, Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Arc Running Shoes

Afternoon Run: BCG Brown V Neck Sleeveless Top, BCG Black Leggings, Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Arc Running Shoes

Evening: Merrell Black Lily Sleeveless Dress, Merrell Luxe Strap Sandals.

Comments: Spent the morning catching up on stuff after painting for three days. I love to do housework in my running shoes. Makes me feel all athletic.Then we went to open mic night in the evening. You can read here about why my smile is so weak in the picture.


All Day: BCG Black Tank Top, Travelsmith Black Voyager Knit Pants, Sarong (tied into a top, Merrell Brown San Remo Sandals

Comments: I bought the Travelsmith pants in set with a top and a matching sweater. It’s a super light, wrinkle-free material. I kept them for The Closet Countdown as versatile lounge pants. I mainly sleep in them. But they sure came in handy as pants as I had to deal with another hangover allergies after a fun/inspiring night out with my man.


All Day: Basic Black Short Sleeved Shirt, Travelsmith Black Voyager Knit Pants, Merrell Black Barefoot Wonderglove (mary jane style) Shoes.

Comments: none.


This is my bonus picture for Nancy at My Year of Sweat. It’s my Coconut Sarong Tie Thingy. Up close and personal. 🙂

It’s a long update. I know. I’m working on brevity. But that too, is part of the learning process.

Thank you, fellow traveler, for joining me on this path. I always appreciate the company (and the comments!). Cheers to you, wherever you are!


  1. Those scarves really make a difference. I obviously need to get out my scarves some more. Love the sarong top over tank top idea, too.

    1. Thanks! I’m a recent scarf fan and I agree, they do make a difference. It’s a very easy thing to add add to a suitcase (or purse) for a quick change up. I don’t like to wear them much in the summer but I don’t mind them too much in the evening – especially if they are very lightweight.

      The sarong top idea is one of my faves. Again, an easy wardrobe modification and can be added to a lot of “basic” outfits. I’m obviously a sarong enthusiast. 🙂

  2. Okay – you need to post a video of how you tie that sarong into dresses, tops, bags, etc. No way a picture alone will help me figure that out! 🙂
    Looking great G!

    1. Thank you so much! This experiment has definitely helped me with some photography skills. I’m constantly learning about light and what filters work better in which environment. Since my iPhone took a swim in the washing machine (!) I do not have a flash so my pics are limited to outside sunlight early morning or late evening. We live in a rural area in a blue house (as you might have gathered from some of the pictures). I constantly keep an eye out for “backdrops” I can use. Even when I’m about an about “in town” I notice large, brick walls or plain-faced grey buildings that would make a nice place for a photo.

      Gah! I went off there, didn’t I? And I was so going to work on my brevity today… Oh well! Cheers to you and thanks for the comment!

  3. I agree with newbieminimalist…you have great spots to take your pics. And I also agree with Nancy: you need to cue us in on how to tie that sarong into dresses, tops, etc., because let me tell you, I have a zillion scarves!! Oh, and where can I get that sarong tie thingie??? Your outfits are WONDERFUL. I especially like your sarong and your black knit pants. You pull everything together so well, Ginnie. Hey, you are on your way! I am very proud of you for where you’ve come on this journey, and you are an inspiration to me and others seeking a more simplified life. You and I could do some DAMAGE at the thrift stores here, but part of the problem is that there are so many good buys, that you might get yourself roped in again. So, this is my challenge. I recycle a LOT of clothing, and my hubby and I share one small bedroom closet, but I’d like to simplify even more. I can always use any tips you toss out. Thank you so much for this…great pictures, and you are beautiful! 🙂

    1. Thanks! And I thought my spots were getting boring. 🙂 I’m amazed at how many ways one can wear a simple piece of fabric. Sarongs and scarves are awesome little accessories. Here is a link to the coconut thingy (I bought mine with my sarong in the mall years ago): In my awkward teenage years, I was never the one with the “pulled together” look. I’ve spent years and year researching and experimenting – and I’m still working on “my style”.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. I used to be a killer thrift store shopper. I’m that woman who always seems to find the designer label item for super cheap. It certainly did not gel with my minimalist ways (especially The Closet Countdown!). So I’m taking a long vacation from thrift stores…

      My first suggestion is to go check out my post about having a “Hell Yeah” closet.

      Thanks again for all your sweet words. It makes the art of writing about this crazy (and a little overambitious) experiment worth it. 🙂 Cheers!!

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