The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update #7

20130818-102655.jpgAlmost 50 days since The Closet Countdown began. About half way there…

The Closet Countdown experiment continues to teach me new things about myself. I wouldn’t say I love it at this point. I do miss a few items. But I’m not experiencing strange twitches. Just learning more about what I need from a wardrobe. Part of my goal in this project was to create some extra time to focus on my goals and what’s in my heart. Well…know what I found in my heart? Clothes! Go figure…

Here, for your reading pleasure are the blah blah blahs. 🙂

To Keep or Not to Keep TopI have a top that I’ve only worn once since I decided to keep it for The Closet Countdown. It’s so cute. To me, it is super cute. But it’s kind of a pain. It’s cotton. I do love cotton but I do not like to iron it. Sometimes, I can just hang dry cotton items and they are fine. But not this top. It looks pretty wrinkled. So I have to ask myself if I’m going to stick to my “Hell Yeah” way of life when it comes to my closet. How much of a Hell Yeah do I need something to be for me to keep it? How hard core am I going to be about it?

So here we meet again, minimalism. I have to think about what I want. I have to think about how much time I’m willing to invest in an item if I’m going to keep it. I have to decide if all the feel good I get from the compliments are worth the ironing. Damn.

Black Shoe SwapI swapped out a pair of shoes this week because I went out on Monday night. My practical, comfy, (kinda boring) black heels from my corporate job days were just not working with my favorite little black dress. The ones I kept are not as comfortable (my plan is to upgrade them soon) but I think they are rockin. And a little bit sexy if I do say so myself. 😛

Taking pictures of what I wore every day reminds me of when I kept a food journal while I tried to lose twenty pounds. I did not enjoy the process. It is a tedious project to take on. Have you tried to do it? Ugh.

As usual, the things I’ve decided I don’t like become my best teachers.

I had no idea that I changed outfits so often. I’m pretty sure I do it to avoid doing laundry every day. I live in Texas and a summer morning run ends in sweat. Though I’m a pretty “natural”, “rugged” gal, I don’t groove on spending my day in perspiration permeated apparel (like that one?). Workout clothes sometimes stay on for some housework but they don’t make it the whole day. Plus, I don’t know about anyone else out there but I don’t like to spend my day in a sports bra.

When the weather gets cooler, I can see myself wearing my clothes throughout the day. One of the main reasons I’m doing this whole experiment is to help me refine my adventure closet. I want what I own to take me through my day without any changes. Oh, and I want to feel good in what I wear and feel like I look good too. Not easy. Well, it’s easy if I just choose to wear yoga pants and an big t shirt (like I used to). But that’s the easy way out.

For the record, this project really stretches me on a personal level. With every picture, I’m aware of my wild woman hair, my belief that I’m not photogenic, my lack of photography basics, and that I have no idea how to pose for so many pictures (my current favorite is obviously the one leg behind the other and the hand(s) on hip look). I only kept six pairs of shoes – two of which are athletic – so I wear my sandals all the time.

I feel vulnerable as I put myself out there. I will feel it until I click “publish”. Then I will feel dread. Then I will feel awesome. Because I did something that took a little more courage than I thought I had. Next week, I promise to focus more on the positive. I’m just grooving on this honesty/transparency thing so I had to report what is going on inside as well as outside. (Thank you for your patience as I wade through my own, emotional crap.)


Lake Day: Swim suit with sarong cover up, White cotton top
Zither Music Birthday Jam: Black tank top, Pink Cameleon Convertible Skirt/Dress, Brown sandals

The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update 7 Monday

Housework: Lily dress, Leggings, Merrell Barefoot Mary Jane Shoes
Out with friends in Austin: Little Black Dress, Black high heels

Notes for Monday: 1. I added the little coconut sarong tie to my Lily Dress to make it easier to get housework done. 2. I’ve had that little black dress for nine years.

The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update 7 Tuesday20130818-102419.jpg

Black Lily Dress

Note for Tuesday: No pictures of me today. Puffy eyes due to hangover allergies.

The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update 7 Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday: Brown v neck tank, flowy black skirt, leggings, sandals
Thursday: Black tank, leggings, blue over dress, sandals

The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update 7 Friday

Yard Work: Brown v-neck tank top, Overalls, Sandals/Black rubber work boots (not pictured)
Brunch: Emery Dress
Dinner (out and about): Emery Dress. Again!

The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update 7 Saturday

Morning Chill Out: White cotton top, Pink shorts, brown sandals
Evening out: Emery Dress with coconut heart accent, Merrell shoes

Note for Saturday: Wasn’t planning on going out but had some friends invited me to hear them play at a local bar. Grabbed my previously worn (but not dirty) Emery dress to catch the show.


  1. Greetings from somewhere near Iowa City, Iowa! I have a couple of comments and a question about this post. 🙂

    1. Re: Sports bras — totally agree, for the most part they suck big sweaty balls, mashing you all into one gross uni-boob. That is, until I found the Moving Comfort line of sports bras. I have 3 of the Fiona style.,default,pd.html, but am eager to try different styles. Because they offer sizing like regular bras (32A, 34DD, whatever), versus S, M, L — you get a much better fit. The wide straps are a life saver for heavier boobs. I get mine at REI, but I’m sure any specialty running store or recreational store would carry them. (Sorry, did I just add to your wardrobe, when you’re looking to minimize?…)
    2. Re: “Wild woman hair” and “unphotogenic”, you need to have your head examined. You are gorgeous. Love your wild curls. Would kill for that kind of thick hair! And as for not being photogenic — I’m so sorry you don’t see what the rest of us do. You have a beautiful, but more importantly, KIND face. You look approachable, compassionate and fun.

    And now for my question — Are the brown sandals also Merrell? If so, I have the exact same pair! I have used them like crazy this summer. Everything from a light/easy hike to even pairing them with a cute summer dress. And so crazy comfortable.

    Hey – what’s the coconut thing you referred to? I can’t zoom in on the pics so I can’t tell. (I guess that’s 2 questions. :-))

    1. 1. You kill me. Big sweaty balls? Yep. Pretty much. I honestly don’t mind the uni-boob as much as the razorback style. Too much stress on my neck to hold up the girls while running. Thanks for the link. The Fiona looks awesome! I have always been very leery of catalogs trying to sell me a sports bra.(I have trust issues when it comes to advertisers.) No REI in my town but I’m headed to Austin tomorrow and I know they have one…right next to Whole Foods. Such a great shopping combo… No, you did not add to my wardrobe..yet. 😛 If I get one (or a few) I will gladly pitch my current collection. Let me just clarify that I don’t hate the ones I have. They do the job when I need to go for a run but I love the idea of a bra I can run in and then wear under a dress without the shoulder pain… Thank you so much for the recommendation. I promise to let you know if I get one.

      2. You are too sweet. I’m learning very slowly. VERY slowly. How to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin. The more I do this “silly” experiment, the less I believe that it was ever about the clothes at all. What a great adventure. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

      Questions Answered:
      Yes! They are Merrell sandals. I’m a total Merrell nut (duh!). I bought my first pair of Merrell hiking shoes on sale at Academy Sports many years ago in preparation for one of our trips to Estes Park. Fell in love and when I decide I need shoes, Merrell is the first place I look. The sandals in the pictures are called San Remo and I’m fairly certain they don’t sell them any more. I saw them once at a Merrell outlet store not long ago. Should have bought them all.

      I’m not surprised at all that we have similar taste in shoes. I agree that they are incredibly versatile. I’m a nut when it comes to versatility too (duh again!).

      Last week, I actually took a few close up pictures of the coconut sarong tie thing so I could post them this week. 🙂 I’ll put something up soon. If you just can’t wait then you can always go check out this link:

      1. Mine are the San Remo’s too! I love the flowery-vine-y print on the top of the sole and also around the outer edge of the shoe. Makes them a bit more girly. 🙂 I only wore them a handful of times the first two summers after I bought them — always opting for more fashionable shoes – even when I was dressed casually. This year – with all my movement and physical activity — I have embraced these sandals. Even if I’m wearing something cute, with these shoes on I know I’m ready to walk for miles or do a light hike if the situation calls for it. No excuses that my shoes aren’t “sensible” so I can’t do X.

      2. Wow!!! I love that flower thing on the bottom too. I’ve had them for years and just recently (as they are barely hanging in there), I’ve had college girls tell me how much they love my shoes. Crazy!

        I do have a rule with my shoes. I don’t like to wear a pair I can’t walk a mile in comfortably. Not an easy task when I was in the corporate world and the my cute black heels I mentioned in this blog do not fit that. But oh well. I’m learning that life is very much about the exceptions.

        That said, my Merrell San Remos are a treasure. They even look cute with my overalls. Can’t beat that. 🙂

    2. Not sure if you shop (I might end up with an entire blog series about how much I love Zappos…) but they sell Moving Comfort products. “Free” Shipping and free returns. They rock. (Especially for us rural folk.)

      Zappos also owns which is like their clearance rack. also carries Moving Comfort (here is a link: and they also offer free shipping but no free returns. I saw a Fiona for $24.95. Not sure if they have your size but it might be worth a look. I like Zappos when I’m shopping for newer season stuff (ahem…Merrell’s newer season stuff) and for shopping when I don’t know if the style/fit/brand works for me and when I know what I like and probably not going to return it.

      Okay. I’m done now. Just thought I’d share. I’m helpful like that… 🙂

      1. Mail-order shopping is a way bigger thing in the U.S. than it is in Canada (because in Canada we have all the duty and tariffs, etc. to deal with + shipping is never free to Canada). But now that I spend so much time at my other place here in the southwest – I am all over it! Thanks for the tip on the 6pm. I’m going to definitely check it out. I’m also going to troll Zappos for the Lily dress now that I’m here! 🙂

      2. I’m in my own little bubble. No idea that mail ordering is complicated in Canada. I learn new things every day… I think Zappos has a warehouse/office in Las Vegas. I so need to write a blog post about Zappos… I will. I swear. Soon. I hope. 🙂

        Yea for checking out the Lily dress!

  2. Well, I think you’re gorgeous, and those sexy heels… what more can I say??? Amazing to hear the way you’re working through everything in your head. Keep it up lovely lady 🙂 X

  3. I love the blog and the pictures you post. I hope you can feel “awesome” about posting them as it shows the real you. You are an amazing, beautiful woman! Keep it up.

    1. Oh THANK YOU Michele! I do feel awesome. But mostly because there are people out there (like you) who take the time to stop by and leave an encouraging comment. Wow. I’m so honored and humbled…

      Yep, grainy photos, no make up, and frizzy hair are about as real as it gets. 🙂 I seriously considered not doing pictures. So many silly insecurities. But I learned through writing that it’s the real stuff – with all its perceived flaws and imperfections – that people connect with…

      I’m rambling. Thank you again. I treasure your comment. Sincerely. I wish you amazing joy in all that you do. Cheers!

  4. You look good, don’t worry! I like that white top. (I guess I’m trying to figure out my style by examining your style 😉 )

    I think the will-I-won’t-I top is a tricky one because it does look very cute, but I know what you mean about the ironing. I have ditched shirts on the very same grounds… but maybe I didn’t like them as much as you like this one?

    1. I just had another look and I think what I mostly like about that white top is the legs. Darn it. Guess I can’t just get those!

      1. I’m still on the fence about that silly shirt. Just being lazy by not making a decision mostly…

        If anything I wear helps you find your style then I’m super thrilled. Sincerely.

        Ha on that final comment! The shirt I bought in Galveston. Just a light, cotton top. Nice and wrinkly so I don’t have to iron it. 🙂

        The legs I got running and running for hours and hours this past year. 😛 I’m still laughing because I grew up with knobby knees and just recently (due to running, I’m sure) the adolescent kiddos in my life like to tell me I have “man calves” . I just can’t win. So I treasure your compliment beyond measure.

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