Day: 15 July 2013

The Closet Countdown: Weekly Update #2

20130713-161950.jpgAnother week has gone by in the The Closet Countdown. I’m still having a blast. Perhaps the “newness” of it still hasn’t worn off. Or maybe I’m just the kind of person to likes to keep things fun. Maybe it’s both.

I’ve learned to appreciate my basic pieces more and more (which I think is a big part of what minimalism and simplicity are all about). I thought I would get tired of my wardrobe (and maybe I will eventually) but so far, I feel great about my decisions and the thought I put into choosing each piece.

I also have items I don’t even wear that I thought I would. So maybe the beautiful (and super smart) Courtney Carver and her Project 333 aren’t as crazy as I thought. 🙂 I LOVE learning that I can do things I thought I couldn’t. Might have to try Project 333 for my next experiment in minimalism…

I continue to wear often and love my Lily. This week, I wore the black one on a road trip to the Texas Hill Country and the pink one to an outdoor concert. Just can’t beat it. I refuse to apologize for sounding like a broken record in praise of this dress.

I’ve been adding pictures to The Closet Countdown page. So feel free to check them out!