The Closet Countdown: Day 3

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Another great day. It happens. I like it that way. No slush tonight. Just tequila with fresh lime and ice. Simple. Someone should start a blog all about minimalism and beverages. I’d follow it. Maybe someday I’ll try 100 days of tequila. Just kidding. Well, kinda…

The Closet Countdown continues. Wore the pink tank top again and my teal sport skort (the one I washed in the shower last night and pictured above) for the morning run. Last time for the tank top. I promise. Mostly because I actually did some running this morning and though the cool weather lingers, I did perspire. I’m going to do a full load on Friday so it can wait. After the run, I kept the skort and added a black tank top.

I already find myself gravitating toward the same few items. I’m bummed that my pink tank top is dirty. Mostly because I love the fit and the color. It’s a fun top to wear while running. Oh well, I’ll wear my black one tomorrow and I’m pretty sure it won’t diminish the joy I get from running. The teal skort is turning out to be quite the staple. I chose it because of its versatility. I can run it and then change the top and shoes and it’s almost a whole new outfit. Loving it so far.

I’ve known for a while but this experiment puts it under a magnifying glass: I’m weird about clothes. I can live with that. It’s the least of my weirdnesses.

In a few days, I’ll put up some pictures of individual items from the “chosen” collection so you can have a better idea of what combos I’m choosing.

That’s all for Day Three. I mean it every time I say thank you for stopping by. I mean it with my whole heart. Cheers!


  1. How much running do you do? Sounds like you are pretty active. Inspire me – I need the motivation!!

    1. Rose, I promise I’m not avoiding this question. I LIVE to answer stuff like this. My answer will come in the form of a post (in progress now). Oh how I wish I could stop the world long enough to write all that is in my heart… But then, I guess if I did that, I wouldn’t have much to write about. :). So please forgive me for not responding sooner and know the the question has inspired an entire post. You continue to rock without even trying. Cheers!

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