Water Lily


While spending time with my two favorite little guys (both five years old), one of them suggested we play outside. With the water hose. In the mud. For the record, when I got dressed that morning, I didn’t think “Hey, I should wear this just in case I end up outside in the mud today.” My reservations about the activity had less to do with my clothing choice and more to do with the hassle of getting them cleaned up afterward.

I just happened to be wearing my pink (officially Mulberry) Merrell Sleeveless Lily Dress that day. Fun in the sun? No problem! I didn’t actually get all muddy like the boys did but I spent the entire time outside with them. Yes, it was a warm, Southern Summer day but I felt cool and comfortable in my dress. When mud splatters attacked me, I just wiped them off with a bit of water. No fuss. No cranky complaints from me about how they need to pay attention to me and my clothes and to “be careful!” It really is a great dress.

Afterward (and after I hosed them down with the water hose), I let them play in the small pool on the back deck and I got in with them – in my awesome dress. We splashed and played until we were exhausted. It was wonderful and I didn’t have to change my clothes to do it. I just put it outside to dry to dry with their swimsuits. In a few hours, it was dry and I could have worn it to dinner. If I went to dinner. I didn’t. I crashed early. 🙂

The more adventures I have in the clothing I choose as my minimalist closet essentials, the better I feel about my decisions. I feel ready for anything. Daily life. Work life. Travel. All of the above. Then I enjoy my life more. That’s what my simplicity quest and my experiments in minimalism are all about. Hassle-free and fun.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

I’ve chosen this dress as a “keeper” in The Closet Countdown.

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