Day: 29 June 2013

Quest Recipe: Easy Adult Slush

My Simplicity Quest is about enjoying the journey. Some of my experiments in minimalism take place in the kitchen. I prefer easy recipes that require few ingredients. My Easy Adult Slush has two ingredients, tastes amazing, and takes up very little space in a cooler. A girl has got to stay hydrated while moving in the direction of her dreams…


Quest Recipe: Easy Adult Slush

  • 1 plastic resealable container of frozen juice concentrate. Any flavor. (I use Welch’s brand.)
  • Alcohol of your choice. (I use tequila)


  1. Make the juice in a separate pitcher according to the instructions on the container. Save the plastic container (no need to rinse it out).
  2. Fill the plastic container two thirds full with the now-made juice.
  3. Fill the rest of the container with alcohol. I love tequila so that’s an automatic choice for me but vodka would work too (or rum or whatever you like).
  4. Reseal the container with the lid and place in the freezer for at least six hours (overnight is best).
  5. When you are in the mood for a cold slushy beverage, just pull out the container and mush it with your hands or spoon. Pour into a cute glass or just drink straight out of the container.
  6. (make sure to recycle the container when it’s time to get rid of it)


I’m not usually a huge fan of plastic but in the summer, this recipe is my favorite way to have lake-appropriate beverages on hand. I’m not a huge fan of juice either, actually. But I am a huge fan of tequila and winding down on the weekends. I share the juice and keep the containers. I love how the alcohol keeps the juice from getting rock solid and easy to slush up. Super easy and delicious!



Water Lily


While spending time with my two favorite little guys (both five years old), one of them suggested we play outside. With the water hose. In the mud. For the record, when I got dressed that morning, I didn’t think “Hey, I should wear this just in case I end up outside in the mud today.” My reservations about the activity had less to do with my clothing choice and more to do with the hassle of getting them cleaned up afterward.

I just happened to be wearing my pink (officially Mulberry) Merrell Sleeveless Lily Dress that day. Fun in the sun? No problem! I didn’t actually get all muddy like the boys did but I spent the entire time outside with them. Yes, it was a warm, Southern Summer day but I felt cool and comfortable in my dress. When mud splatters attacked me, I just wiped them off with a bit of water. No fuss. No cranky complaints from me about how they need to pay attention to me and my clothes and to “be careful!” It really is a great dress.

Afterward (and after I hosed them down with the water hose), I let them play in the small pool on the back deck and I got in with them – in my awesome dress. We splashed and played until we were exhausted. It was wonderful and I didn’t have to change my clothes to do it. I just put it outside to dry to dry with their swimsuits. In a few hours, it was dry and I could have worn it to dinner. If I went to dinner. I didn’t. I crashed early. 🙂

The more adventures I have in the clothing I choose as my minimalist closet essentials, the better I feel about my decisions. I feel ready for anything. Daily life. Work life. Travel. All of the above. Then I enjoy my life more. That’s what my simplicity quest and my experiments in minimalism are all about. Hassle-free and fun.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

I’ve chosen this dress as a “keeper” in The Closet Countdown.

Please click here to read My Merrell Disclaimer.


The Closet Countdown: T-1 Day

20130629-102250.jpg“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

I show up early to events. Meetings, movies, parties, The Closet Countdown… I’m pretty much ready to go. Even though I consider myself a fairly skilled minimalist when it comes to managing my closet, I have trouble imagining “making it” with just 55 items. Not sure why but I’m willing to explore it in the next 100 days. I look forward to what I learn about that and my strange relationship to my closet.

Deep down I know it’s not about the clothes. It’s about doing what I think I need to do to get my head out of the closet and into my life. Big goals. People. Work. Life. You know, the important stuff. I do not work in the fashion industry and I’m constantly surrounded by people who love me (and even like me sometimes!). They don’t care about the fit and fabric or style of my clothing choices. They care about how I treat them and how they feel when they are around me.

If I can relegate my entire wardrobe to “tools” in my mind, perhaps I can learn how to become more present in each moment. I can make space on my mental stage for different life skills. Like kindness and encouragement. Things that make me happy to be a part of the human race…

Basic updates in the decision making process.:

  • I worked in the yard long enough to feel good about my decision to keep the overalls.
  • The rubber boots have been categorized as garden/work tools.
  • Wore a “chosen” dress to dinner last night. Helped me decide that it wasn’t a Hell Yeah!

Thanks for joining me on my simplicity quest. I appreciate the company and I promise to keep posting updates. Cheers!