Day: 26 June 2013

The Closet Countdown: T-4 Days

018The official blast off of The Closet Countdown is coming up fast. Now that I’ve dealt with some fear and frustration, I’m ready to think about other aspects of this experiment. I recently wrote about why I’m doing this whole minimalism thing and suddenly all my apprehension and worries faded back. The whole point of doing this minimalism thing is not to get in touch with my inner whiner. It’s to live a deeper life. So I might do some simplifying of my objectives and see if I can pick one goal to work on with all the time I’m buying for myself.

Random Thoughts on Day Four:

  • I’ve decided (thanks to a small patch of poison ivy on my leg) that I’m going to figure out how to keep a pair of pants for yard work. It will probably be my faithful pair of work overalls. Yes. Overalls. I’m just cool like that in the garden…
  • When I unpacked a box full of clothes I’d put up in a previous experiment, I found a few tops I wanted. Had to make some “tough” calls on what to put in the “unchosen” category considering I put tops on my number ten slot.
  • Summer and a love for the outdoors means sweat. Which means I might be doing laundry more often. Might have to experiment with some hand washing for fun.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by!