My Merrell Disclaimer

I’m fortunate to have someone in my life who loves me enough to say something like “Ginny? If I didn’t know you and read your blog, I might start wondering if you work for Merrell…”

I got a little defensive and then I read my last post about the Emery Dress. Then I read my post about the Lily Dress. Um. Yeah. It does look like I work for Merrell. So let me put it out there officially: I don’t work for Merrell. I’m just an enthusiastic fan of their products. I do not make any money from this blog. I do not get a percentage of any sales that result from my recommendations.

All I want to do – with this blog and with my life – is encourage others with what I’ve learned on my simplicity quest and my experiments in minimalism.

I feel better now. Thanks for reading!