The Closet Countdown: T-8 Days

Today I went over my chosen clothes for The Closet Countdown.

Still thinking about rethinking the shoes.

Had an odd moment when I looked “behind the curtain” at the back of my closet and saw some of the unchosen. I thought, “Oh but I love that dress too.” I’m not getting rid of it. I’m just going to see if I can live without it for 100 days. That’s all. What is this feeling? I mean, it’s just a dress..right? In some ways, perhaps our clothes are like our baby blanket or childhood toy. They represent a sort of security, a sense of pride of ownership.

I can’t quite pinpoint it so I’m going to call it an icky feeling. So I went into the garage, and began to do some cleaning. I needed to look at something completely different. I needed to get a sense of the world outside of my closet; to get away from the icky feeling from imagining life without a silly dress.

Organizing recyclables seemed to do the trick. I’m a little puzzled by the strange, icky feeling but at least it’s not there any more and I’m good to move on with The Closet Challenge (without the dress in the back of my closet).

So here’s my bit of encouragement for the day: don’t give up. If you get frustrated while choosing what to “keep” and what to hide away, remember that it will still be there in 100 days. If you have to, you can even get it before then. Don’t stress about it. Go play a game with someone, call your mom, send an encouraging text to someone having a rough time. Or go clean in the garage.

But above all, I hope that you will be willing to go back to those feelings later. Let’s explore them together. Let’s learn about our relationship to our stuff by living without it for just a little while. I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m saying I believe it will be worth it.

One more week and then it is on!


  1. Hi Ginny – what a great project you’ve set for yourself! I’ve done it, and truly it’ll make such a change to your life – I promise! When you can look in your wardrobe and see all of your options right there and you love them all – it makes your day that much more simple! And i loooovve simple!

    1. Thanks so much! I feel like writing about the experience only increases the the joy of the learning experience. I appreciate the encouragement. Cheers!

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