Minimalist Closet Essentials: Merrell Lily Sleeveless Dress

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

MSQ Lily

At its heart, I believe that minimalism is about versatility. It’s about finding the tools you need to build your dreams. For me, clothing must go from office casual, to a party, or from the library to the park (or all of the above!). I know it seems kind of crazy but it’s easier than you might think. I know. I’ve tried and I’ve found clothing that fits that description. My Merrell Lily Sleeveless Dress* is one of those and is essential to my budding minimalist lifestyle.

My Lily is one of my prized pieces of clothing. I’ve had it for a couple of years and I cannot imagine life without it. In a comment dialogue at Big Little Living, Katy asked me what I would take with me if I chose to live in a Tiny House. I’ve thought about that question quite often since then. I haven’t written it down but my hypothetical list would probably be at least fifty percent Merrell including shoes.

Here is a list of what I love about my Merrell Lily Sleeveless Dress (and the standard to which I hold all other major pieces of my wardrobe, by the way):

  • Flattering cut/style
  • Comfortable
  • Coordinates well with other articles of clothing
  • Easy to accessorize
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Built-in shelf bra
  • Easy to spot clean
  • Dries quickly
  • Looks great alone or with leggings
  • Opaque material (no need to wear a slip)
  • Versatile style
  • Wearable in all seasons
  • Durable

I have it in black and pink (officially mulberry) but my favorite by far is the black. It’s a classic. Understated empire waist, A-line drape to just above the knees, and a crisscross style back. In the summer, I wear it by itself with some sandals and in the cooler months I add boots and a sweater.  Depending on the activity, I can add leggings too. To be completely transparent, I did not wear this dress often while working at my corporate job. But my commute one way was almost two hours and I always had this dress with me as a back up. Even after being rolled and stuffed in the bottom of an overnight bag, all I had to to was shake it out and wear it. No wrinkles. No fuss.

This was an easy choice to include in The Closet Countdown. 🙂

Yes, I have put a lot of thought into my clothing and I do love my choices. But it all centers around the idea of investing the time up front so I don’t have to fret about it later. I can enjoy my life knowing that at least one piece of it – my wardrobe – is organized, efficient, hassle-free, and full of helpful (and cute) tools to help me along my quest for simplicity. I don’t have to think about ironing or special laundry instructions. I just grab and go. It is worth the time invested up front so that I can be ready for whatever adventures life holds out for me. And I do love a good adventure…

As always I thank you, dear reader for stopping by. Time is so precious and I hope that reading my words has been worth the investment. Happy trails!

If you’d like to see some different pictures of the Merrell Lily Dress or buy one, go check out or These links should take you directly to the dress.

*Let me go ahead and clarify that I am an unpaid Merrell (and Zappos!) cheerleader at this point. If you choose to buy any Merrell clothing that I recommend, I do not get a penny. If you let me know that you made a purchase based on my recommendations, then I get the satisfaction of knowing that I made your simplicity quest a little more exciting. 🙂

Please read my Merrell disclaimer here.