Rabbit Trails and Stumbling Blocks

Since my last blog post, I’ve started at least ten different posts but have not finished them. Not because I’m no longer passionate about my blog. I just got a little…um…sidetracked. 

I’m on this quest, right? I’m searching for simplicity and I’m using minimalism as a tool to help me along. I picture myself in some Mary Englebreit greeting card. Backpack all loaded and my adventure hat on. With zeal and a bounce in my step, I take off on the open road to find my truth in this grand adventure…

So I’m going along, all fired up about minimalism, simplicity, and experimenting with my life and all that jazz when I decide to take a “tiny” detour into the blogosphere on minimalism and simplicity. It’s a beautiful path, let me tell you. So many wonderful people out there are living simple lives, blogging about it, and making money while doing it. I got all caught up in the wonder of it all. So caught up that I forgot about my quest. I got lost in suggestions on goal-setting and how to be happy. Wardrobe suggestions. How to pack your life in a suitcase. Drastic clutter-cutting solutions. Fabulous photos with each post. Lots, and lots of books for sale. 
It was like looking a thousand billboards of pretty, flashing lights. These guys and gals (yes, I say gals) really seem to have it all together. Even those who outwardly claim that they don’t have it all together seem to be making some decent bank from their efforts. Tons of followers. I started thinking of my own small blog. Perhaps I needed to have a “system” to teach. Or a book to sell. I need a website and a discussion board. I need to start telling my readers how live a simple life and how to make money. 
Every time I sat down to write, I saw those flashing lights and the words just didn’t “flow”. My thoughts felt clunky and forced. Like I had tripped over some of those beautiful blogs and the bruises kept me from moving forward. I decided to make my way back to my original plan for this blog. 
I’m back on track now. In case I had not made this clear before, My Simplicity Quest is not a money-making blog. If I make suggestions or include links to other sites, I don’t benefit from it (aside from the personal reward of sharing the treasures I find along the way). I do not have a “proven system” and I’m typically not great at offering advice. What I do have is a love to share my sunshine and what I learn along my way. 
If you want to get more organized or learn about minimalism or just how to live a simple life, there are at least a hundred great blogs out there. I encourage you to read them. Just don’t do what I did and get lost in the glamor of it all. I think the idea of hard-core minimalism can be a little bit romantic. Beautiful but sometimes a little unrealistic. 
I’m finding that true simplicity (like so many other important things in life) is not a destination to get to in one day. I’m guessing that once I get there, I’ll have to work to stay there. Like any great quest, it never really ends. That notion appeals to me because I like the changes I’ve experienced so far. 
I still believe in the quest. Even when I get distracted. Even when I stumble. The rabbit trails and the stumbling blocks become part of the story I tell about my adventure. Thanks for reading my story. I really appreciate it. 


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