Day: 4 January 2011

A Crazy Idea

This IS a crazy idea.

Really. But it’s one of those ideas that have been nagging at my soul for a very long time. I feel like I need to do this. I feel like if I don’t, I will miss out on something amazing. And life is just too short not to.

I’m on a quest for simplicity. Here are some basics:

Who: Me (Ginny Love Moore)

What: I’m going to pack up everything I think I will need for the next 11 months in two totes, a garment bag, and an old, metal trunk. I will give away or store the rest. (As if I’m headed to a far away, fully-furnished  place…)

When: 1 February 2011 through 31 December 2011

Where: my home

Why: I want to see if having fewer things will make my life easier and happier.

This month (January), I’m going to systematically go through my personal things to get a “head start” on my quest. I’ve already composed many blog entries in my head. I’ll post them when I make the time. So far, let me just state that preparing for a life of simplicity is not as simple as I thought it would be.

Making decisions about everything I own is difficult sometimes. And it’s time consuming. I have a life that includes a wonderful, loving man, children, three business adventures, and a pace that does not seem to slow down. Though I’m very blessed to work from home, there is not a lot of extra time to decide if I should give away or store dust collectors on my shelves in the bathroom…

I met my friend Shay while she was walking across America. She said one of her reasons for deciding to do so is because she wasn’t sure if she could do it.

I know how that feels right now.

While buried in my mountain of laundry, I think that life will be SO much easier when I live off just a few things. But I have a feeling I’m going to learn a lot about my relationship with those things. Clothes. Knick knacks. Office supplies. Shoes. Craft projects. And I wonder if I’ll be able to do it.

Will I get bored with the same wardrobe? Will I miss my hair dryer? Will I break down one day and scramble up to the attic just so I can listen to my music boxes?

Or will I be so full of peace from spending time with the people I love that none of that will matter?

This is my quest of course but it is one that is inspired by the minimalists and simple life-lovers I’ve met and read. While I hope to learn new things about myself and draw closer to my God and my family, I also hope that sharing what I learn inspires others to embrace a simpler lifestyle.